Blackberry is still the number one choice for sensitive data

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The BlackBerry KEYone won the top spot for privacy and security. Thanks to its low price and the numerous BB10 security enhancements which it brought to the Android platform, it was easy to recommend this device for anyone looking to prioritize their security and protect their privacy.

BlackBerry opted for full-disk encryption instead of Android’s newer file-based encryption. While file-based encryption can isolate some files from others, full-disk encryption ensures everything stored on your hard drive (from your pictures to the root folder) is secured via AES-128 encryption standard. While file-based does have its advantages, full disk encryption can be more secure as it prevents someone from even seeing your notifications without first bypassing the lock screen.

Not all of the KEY2’s security enhancements are under the hood; there are some improvements that you can not only see, but interact with. A great example of this is the Privacy Shade, which obstructs the view of all but a small section of your screen. Especially when using your phone in public, this protects your privacy against those nosey neighbors who can’t help but look at your screen.