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Buy New & Used Cell Phones in Bulk at Wholesale Prices. Consistent Inventory, Accurately Graded and Ready to Ship.

Our Strengths


In a competitive cell phone market, we provide guaranteed price quotes and strive to out price the competition.

reliable Inventory

We source our inventory in bulk directly from carriers and manufacturers.


We offer returns as per our terms of service and conditions which are clear at the time of purchase.

customer support

Do you need after-sales support? Our team has you covered though-out the entire process.

certified testing

We ensure the quality a reliability of all our devices. All Mobile devices are tested and graded according to industry standards


We use the latest technological tools to ensure all data is wiped completely and correctly.

Contact our sales team

Our Sales experts can give you the details about our current & upcoming stock as well as the best guaranteed prices for your existing inventory

Purchasing of New and Used Cell Phone lots

We Buy New and Used Cell Phone lots from Manufacturers, Corporations, Network Carriers, Auctions, Electronic outlets and Importers.

Sales of our New, Used and Certified cell phone lots

We sell New and Used Cell Phone lots in bulk to Cell Phone stores, Resellers, Retail Outlets, Corporations, Schools, Hospitals and Exporters.

ALI Celular inc.

About US

To establish and maintain long-term business-to-business relationships. We help develop buy back solutions to  develop relationships based on confidence and mutual trust. We believe in the power of partnership.

We would like to think we are one of the leading suppliers of wholesale mobile phones in the USA at the moment. Established over 10 years ago, we have built up relationships with some of the biggest networks and handset manufacturers throughout the world to ensure that we provide our customers with a wide range of  mobile phones in bulk and at wholesale prices.

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GradING Scale

We put our devices though a 55 point step by step testing process, followed by a strict cosmetic grading system. The grading system at Ali Celular  is one of the best. All of our handsets have been fully inspected, surgically cleaned and rigorously tested through our quality control program to ensure that they are in excellent working condition.


We are dedicated to offering the highest level of security for our clients. Our staff utilizes the latest and most advanced technological tools to ensure all data is wiped completely. The protection of our client’s sensitive data is our #1 priority.

Cell Phone recycling

We maintain an ongoing commitment to preventing pollution with a company wide, zero-landfill policy. Our certified facility is fully compliant with Canada and USA local and state laws and we stand by our commitment to preventing pollution.

What we do

OUR process


We purchase lots directly from carriers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Rogers, and AT&T though exclusive auctions.


We put our devices though a 55 point step by step testing process, followed by a strict cosmetic grading system


We resell our lots in bulk to corporations, schools, hospitals, cell phone dealers, exporters and re-sellers.

Our Services

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Buy iPhones in Bulk at Wholesale prices

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Buy Samsung Phone in Bulk at wholesale prices

wholesale cell phones

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Most Popular Cell Phone Models of 2019

our inventory

We currently offer new, used and refurbished handsets from the largest manufacturers including Unlocked Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, ZTE, Microsoft, Motorola, Huawei, Asus, Doro, Pantech and Nokia Devices. In addition we also supply a full range of Accessories along with mobile phone boxes. Phones come Network Unlocked unless otherwise stated. So whatever your requirements, you are in the right place.

Get in contact with us and let us know your needs and our sales team will guide you through out the process.

recently sold lots:

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Lot -Condition: A,B,C Stock

Blackberry key 2 Lot - Condition: A++ Stock

wholesale blackberry

LG G5 Lot Condition: A,B,C Stock

lg wholesale lot

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Lot - Condition: A,B,C Stock

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